“What are you cooking tonight?”

I enjoy cooking, as much as enjoying bringing something new to the dinner table and surprise my family.

I am a mom of a crazy toddler X and new baby J. Me and my husband T moved out from the in-laws and starting our own family life to prepare for our baby J. My husband works full-time, and so I am a full-time homemaker! My life is all about babies, house chores and I work on my small online business after family hours. However I can still manage to cook something different every now and then for dinner.. I constantly post them on facebook and thats how I got this questioned asked few times a week.. “what are you cooking tonight?”

As I am too busy and I don’t drive, I order all my groceries online and have them delivered weekly.. I basically have the order list pretty much the same every week, maybe adding a few of something different every now and then.. err probably fish next week? or maybe some lamb for the week after. However the weekly menu is always different, is always something new, that’s why I’d love to share what I cook for some nights and inspire anyone out there 🙂

I was suggested to do a Youtube channel – I tried but I just somehow can’t manage to do it; I was suggested to write a book – I was doing a few but I still haven’t figure out how I want it to be; I was suggested to do a Blog – that’s probably the easiest for now that’s why I am doing it!


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