Must Read: When You Read My Recipes

To all the fellas who are reading my recipes,

Before taking my recipes as references, I would like to clarify some facts of my cooking habit – this might be helpful when you are following my recipes to cook anything.


I Never Follow Exactly On Any Recipes
I do look up to recipes in books and online for some ideas but I usually read them brief – I never really follow their suggested portion or method of cooking. I have been changing recipes with my own adjustments while cooking, due to factors like appetite, flavours, available ingredients, available equipment, capability of my stove and also budget.

The recipes I wrote in this blog are basically suggesting a rough portion and size of amounts I was using. I barely use a measuring cup or measuring spoons. If you want it to be very precised, I suggest you taste your cooking during process to make it right to your liking.


I Never Taste My Cooking Before Serving
My sense to smell and scent is operating better than my taste bud.. because my taste tends to go numb during cooking process (I think this related to some science about human body adopting to scent). I believe practice makes perfect so with seasoning, I will just do it freely until it smells right.. like I said in Fact 1.. taste your cooking constantly to make sure you are on the right track.


I Cook Bigger Portion For One Serve
When you look at the suggesting serving quantity, I am using my own standard. My husband eats ALOT, and so does my toddler son he eats basically 80% of a normal adult size meal. So I am guessing if you have a normal diet size family, take my “Serves 2” as “Serves 3.5”, and “Serves 3” as “Serves 5


Very Flexible Prep and Cooking Time
I am a mom of two young kids. My suggested preparation time and cooking time is just an approximate because I do run back and forth to pick up a crying baby or checking on my older son while pooping, or even sometimes hanging up laundry in the middle of cooking. Unless I am making so slow cook dishes otherwise I normally start bringing stuff out the fridge and prepare at 6ish in the evening, and we will be start eating at around 7ish after my husband came home from work. If you are new to a certain recipe, I suggest to start an hour earlier so you won’t end up hungry kids yelling for food.


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