Japanese Curry Chicken with Rice

Comparing to other style of curries (eg. Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, Hong Kong Style etc) Japanese Curry has more sweetness and spiciness in it. Its a great choice for families with kids especially when its like my son who has been picking on carrots and potatoes. He can finish a good two bowl of curry rice and would still ask for more.

Most of the ingredients are those I stock up in the fridge all the time so the only thing I have to get is probably the Japanese Curry Blocks. I got it from ordinary Asian groceries but someone if I could’nt be bothered I will just order it online from Coles even tho its slightly more expensive.

Image from the internet

I myself likes to you Vermont Curry because of the extra flavour of honey and apple. They usually sell at $4-5 a box that comes with two packs.


400g Chicken Thigh Fillet / Breast – cut in 2-3cm chunks
1 Medium/2 Small Onions – chopped into 1 inch
1 Medium Carrot
2-3 Potato – chopped into cubes
1 Tbsp Butter
Water or Chicken Stock



  1. In a large saucepan add butter and a drizzle of cooking oil, put the onion first then the chicken, slightly cook a bit until brown.
  2. Add carrots and potato, then top up with water , or half water half chicken stock
  3. Let boil and simmer until carrots and potato are soft. Break the curry cubes  and let dissolve in the stock. Simmer until the curry sauce is thicken.
  4. Serve with rice, or with shell pasta is actually nice too.

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