Lazy Chinese Dry Noodles Meal

This whole day I serious had no idea what to cook for dinner. I was relocating furniture for my kitchen (I moved the whole fridge out to the dining room by my own!) and my dining area yesterday. After a long night sleep today I just still feel exhausted and feeling super lazy.. so I was so sleepy all day by the time I realised I have to get my arse up to do something my husband show up at the door which means.. its almost dinner time.

So I looked the piece of pork belly that I was planning for tonight.. I just don’t feel like cooking it at all.. I do feel like some soup so I brought out the leftover halved salmon head and bones ($3 for a whole set of head and bones from seafood store – so basically this only cost me $1.5!), some left over tofu pieces from hot pot at the weekends, and cooked them into “Tofu & Fish soup” (I will share the recipe later). Then it came into mind what to go with the soup – Homemade Dry Noodles! YES! My husband loves it, I love it, and my kids love it! For so many times I did my “lazy Chinese dinner” the noodles are always the superstar. I made this type of Chinese lazy meals for at least 3 times last year and everyone was always full and happy. I don’t feel guilty to be a lazy cooking mom for one more time, HA!

My first “Dry Noodles Meal” in 4/1/2018 – with homemade Wonton in Chilli Sauce 紅油抄手 and Homemade Pork and Cabbage Steam Buns 自製手工菜肉包
Another lazy “dry noodles” meal 28/3/2018 – along with White cabbage meatball soup 白菜肉丸子湯, Shallot pancake葱油餅, and Turnip cake cubes 一口蘿蔔糕
Chicken Wonton Stew 沙鍋雲吞雞, Homemade Chinese Pork Pie 自製豬肉餡餅, Steamed Barramundi 清蒸盲鰽, and Casual Recipe Dry Noodles on 24/7/2018

So what I also cooked some store bought Pork and Cabbage dumplings, pan fried Homemade Turnip cake (I promise I will share the recipe for this later), and then we are all happy and satisfied. This super quick Dry Noodles recipe is just so delicious we all basically can’t stop eating even if we are full. You can also add some chilli oil which I did and it brings up the flavour to another level.

If you would like to try making it, here is a Printable Recipe for Casual Recipes Dry Noodle sauce, which included also Chinese version, CLICK HERE

This also makes perfect quick lunch or even meal to go – if you are going to use microwave to heat up the noodles for next day consumption, rinse the cooked noodles under cold water, drain well and add abit more of extra sesame oil and mix thoroughly before adding the sauce ingredients before placing into the fridge. This steps will prevent cooked noodles from sticking together and get soggy when they are not for immediate consumption. It should taste exactly the same even after heating up in the microwave!


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