Time saver dinner – Easy and Quick Thai Green Curry Chicken with Rice

Sharing today is a super quick meal – almost instant version the Thai Green Curry Chicken made with almost everything ready to use from supermarket. It might not be the most preferred option for someone who insist to have everything homemade, but yes you can make everything from scratch if you have the time. I have been fully flattened out from last whole week since my older son Xander had his first week in kindy so I haven’t get used to the new schedule yet. Thus keeping my dinner simple is my best option to sort things out.

I have tried a few brands of pre-made Thai Green Curry paste and so far I found my favourite one that I bought from supermarket. It tastes slightly spicy (very slightly) and the flavour suits my taste. Its easy to get since I mostly order groceries online. Its from Five Tastes “Thai Green Curry paste”. This only $3 at Coles supermarket for a 210g so I think the price is pretty fair. (Noted this is NOT an Ad and I do not receive any sort of commission from it. This is just my personal preference and recommendation)
Let me know if you have another other brands you recommend in the comments section below, I am happy to try!

Purchase online HERE

Thai Green Curry Paste from Five Tastes I got from Coles. Noted This is NOT an Ad!

Ingredients wise, for the greens I just used the frozen broccoli. With the recipe provided instead of boiling the broccoli i can just soak the frozen ones in warm water to defrost and rinse off any weird thing from it then its ready to go. I also added some enoki mushroom (leftover from Hot Pot at weekend) to make the dish more variations, and I could have added some carrot slices too. Its totally up to your choice – beans, snow peas, cauliflower etc.. Think about what you will get from a Thai takeaway shop! You can also substitute chicken breasts with thighs, beef, pork, fish or even duck. Check your fridge if there’s any leftovers, because when it comes to combination stew like curry each kind of ingredients are just calling for small portions – so good way to get rid of anything leftovers from the fridge!

If you don’t have coconut milk, use coconut cream but add slightly more water or even milk. You can cut down the amount of coconut milk to 400ml from the recipe that calls for 600ml if you are getting the canned ones, it might just taste more intense but can always adjust with adding water to it.

Green curry stew on its way!

Cooking is fairly easy. Just chuck things in following the recipe I’ve provided. I started the whole cooking process by cooking the rice first and it suppose to take up to 24 mins to get the rice cooked. This recipe quantity can serve up to 5 cups of rice. Once I press the start button I already get my hands on working with the stew but guess what? Its so quick when my Green Curry is done my rice cooker is still rumbling.

With the leftover curry that you couldn’t finish, its great to chill them up and still delicious the next day. I packed the leftover for my husband’s lunch box and added an pan fried egg, feedback was good, he had a satisfying lunch. So your good wife job is done!

Grab your downloadable recipe >> CLICK HERE

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