Braised Pork Ribs Noodle Soup (Updated) 紅燒排骨麵 – 內附中文版食譜

This is my very own recipe for pork ribs noodles soup. It can be done in one pot and does not require much cooking process with this.

Grilled Lamb Rack with Rosemary & Cumin

Get a 800-1kg lamb rack with bones trimmed from butcher. For best flavouring it is better to be marinated in a zip lock bag overnight in the refrigrator. This amount serves approximately 2 person with some sides. To prep: Ingredients: 800-1kg Lamb Rack 2 cloves garlic - minced/or 2 Tbsp Garlic powder 2 Tbsp Onion … Continue reading Grilled Lamb Rack with Rosemary & Cumin

Taiwanese Braised Minced Pork with Rice 台式滷肉飯

Even if I am not a Taiwanese myself I proudly say my recipe of this dish has been recognised by most of my Taiwanese friends who had tried it. So now I am sharing mine here. But mind that, I will call this a replica because this is not the traditional one. The following amount … Continue reading Taiwanese Braised Minced Pork with Rice 台式滷肉飯

Pan Fry Chicken Breast with Roasted Pumpkin & Potato

I have a busy evening. Thats when I will use the oven to help me out with dinner. In the late afternoon I cut up the leftover halved pumpkin and some potatoes and just chuck them into the oven. Then 20 mins before dinner time I will just pan fry the rest of everything then … Continue reading Pan Fry Chicken Breast with Roasted Pumpkin & Potato

Spicy tomato Seafood Spaghetti

Serves 3-4 INGREDIENTS: 250g Raw Whole Banana Prawns 2 Cups Frozen Marinana Mix - thawed 250g Spaghetti No. 4 300g Canned Diced Tomatoes 4-5 pcs Sliced Button Mushrooms 100g Baby Spinach 2 Tbsp Tomato Paste 1 Tbsp Crushed Garlic 1 Tbsp Sundried Tomato Strips 1 Small Brown Onion - diced 1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese … Continue reading Spicy tomato Seafood Spaghetti