Homemade Roasted Whole Chicken

Roasted Chicken! We always have access to precooked roasted chicken from fast food store, food courts stalls or even supermarkets. They are all full of flavours and yum, but most of them are pre-cooked due to business needs. However if you can try make it at home you will know it can be 10 times … Continue reading Homemade Roasted Whole Chicken


Pan Fry Chicken Breast with Roasted Pumpkin & Potato

I have a busy evening. Thats when I will use the oven to help me out with dinner. In the late afternoon I cut up the leftover halved pumpkin and some potatoes and just chuck them into the oven. Then 20 mins before dinner time I will just pan fry the rest of everything then … Continue reading Pan Fry Chicken Breast with Roasted Pumpkin & Potato

Barbecue Soy Chicken Pizza – on Thin and Crispy Crust!

After making my own pizza dough and topping with soy chicken I swear I won't be looking into ordering any BBQ Chicken Pizza from store in a while. This is a very easy dough and doesn't require much rising time - if you are making thin crust. If you want thicker pan crust just simply … Continue reading Barbecue Soy Chicken Pizza – on Thin and Crispy Crust!

Chicken and Mushroom Rigatoni in Cream Sauce

I have some thicken cream in the fridge thats about to expire that's why I am making this tonight. Super fast and easy! Serves 3 INGREDIENTS: 250g Rigatoni Pasta - cooked to al dente 400g Chicken Breast Chunks 1 Red Onion - Chopped 4 mushrooms - sliced 2 Garlic Cloves 300ml Thicken Cream Chopped oriander … Continue reading Chicken and Mushroom Rigatoni in Cream Sauce

Chicken Penne Salad

This is one of the casual meals we love for warmer days. Its light and easy, and its really healthy. INGREDIENTS: Serves 3 200g Pasta Penne 1 pc Chicken Breast 6-8 pc Cherry Tomatoes - halved ½ Lebanese Cucumber - sliced 4 Button Mushroom - sliced 1 small Red Onion - thinly sliced 100g Baby … Continue reading Chicken Penne Salad

Japanese Curry Chicken with Rice

Comparing to other style of curries (eg. Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, Hong Kong Style etc) Japanese Curry has more sweetness and spiciness in it. Its a great choice for families with kids especially when its like my son who has been picking on carrots and potatoes. He can finish a good two bowl of curry rice … Continue reading Japanese Curry Chicken with Rice