Braised Pork Ribs Noodle Soup (Updated) 紅燒排骨麵 – 內附中文版食譜

This is my very own recipe for pork ribs noodles soup. It can be done in one pot and does not require much cooking process with this.

Borshct (Soup) 羅宋湯

When we have lots of vegetables in the fridge, especially when there's some leftover celeries, and its a cold winter, that's when I want to have some hot soup with garlic bread! Trust me everyone's gonna love it. The best reason is that because it's full of healthy vegetables and you feel healthy when you … Continue reading Borshct (Soup) 羅宋湯

Easy Version Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle (Pho) with Premade Stock

I do like to have the Vietnamese beef noodles soup (Pho) sometimes. However my theory is.. if I am going to have the proper ones I will go to a Vietnamese restaurant and pay for a proper one. Just to satisfy the crave? I will just make an easy one at home and that's good … Continue reading Easy Version Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle (Pho) with Premade Stock

Seafood Chowder Soup & Garlic Bread

One day I was craving for chowder soup so bad but I realized its gonna be a wait till I don't know when to have one out in a restaurant, so I decided to make my own one at home. Surprisingly I can get all the ingredients I need from my online Coles grocery shopping, … Continue reading Seafood Chowder Soup & Garlic Bread